20 Mar 2009

Gedgable Beef Stew

Ok, so maybe this stew needs a better name. But for now, it's Gedgable Beef Stew. My youngest son, Zeke, couldn't say "vegetables" for the longest time. So around here, vegetables are known as "gedgables". (Actually now that I think about it, It was Reuben that started the Gedgable thing, Zeke sort of followed).

The ingredients for this stew may seem a little different, but trust me, it's yummy! We made this last night, and today the boys were begging for more. (I'm just happy that they're liking foods with lots of gedgies!)

Keep in mind, when I make stew, I like to make it in huge amounts, so that we have leftovers for several days. If you want to make less, feel free to divide the recipe.
If you use the recipe as it is, use the biggest stock pot you've got! (I call mine "the cauldron" haha).

Also, feel free to use less, or more beef, and adjust the broth to the way you like it with bouillon powder.

2-3 lbs beef, cubed. (I've used stewing, simmering, steak, roast, hamburger, it really doesn't matter. Just use what you prefer, or what you've got!)

10-15 potatoes, cubed. (i like to leave the skins on)

4 cups chopped carrots (or a large bag of baby carrots)

4 medium onions

1 medium Stalk of Celery

2 Cans of tomatoes. (whole, diced, again, whatever you prefer. I usually use diced)

4 Tbsp Flour

3 Tbsp Oil (vegetable, olive, its up to you)

1 Tbsp Seasoning Salt

4 Tbsp Garlic powder (or 2tbsp fresh crushed garlic)

2 Cups of Cola

2 Tbsp Sumac (ground) My new favorite spice!

1 Tbsp Oregano

4 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (or as Mom would call it, "chester sauce"...she's a hillbilly. And i mean that in the most loving way!)

4 Tbsp of Lingonberry or Currant Jam. (if you can't find either, Cranberry sauce works well. You're basically looking for a tart jam)

Beef Bouillon Powder to taste

Water (the amount of water you use depends on how much broth you want)

Sour cream and Chives for Garnish. (i really like using plain, whole fat yogurt)

Lightly coat the beef in flour , And place in the pot with the oil. Cook on medium heat for a few minutes until its starting to warm up and start to cook. Add the Cola and Worcestershire sauce and onions and let the meat simmer on a medium heat until lightly browned.

Then add the celery, carrots and potatoes. Add enough water to just cover everything.

Bring to a light boil, and add in the tomatoes.

At this point, you'll want to see if you need more beef flavoring. If so, add some beef bouillon, and the seasoning salt.

Now Add the Garlic, Oregano, and Sumac. Bring back to a boil, and cook until the vegetables are tender. (or leave them slightly crunchy, if you like them that way!)
Last but not least, add the lingonberry jam. (or whatever jam you happen to be using. If you're using canned cranberry sauce that is more of the "gelatin" style, dissolve it in some hot water first, so that its more of a liquid than a solid.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt, and sprinkle with chives.

I'm not sure if I gave the best instructions for this, I usually cook without measuring, and sort of fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes I put diced turnip in, or add some butternut squash towards the end.

The real prize here is in the seasoning:)

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