11 May 2009

Campin' Season!

Victoria Day weekend is only about 4 days away, and that means its time for our annual family camp!
We're all looking forward to driving up to the church camp and relaxing for 4 straight days. Nothing but campfires, tuck shop, chubby bunny contests and good music.
(ok, here in Canada, they say "Tuck Shop". In the USA, we always called it the "Canteen". What do you guys call it? I'm curious!)

I'm really looking forward to getting out of the city, and up where life is calmer. Sitting outside and painting, carving, collecting little bits of nature with the boys for their "nature journals" that they're working on... I was looking through camping themed items today just because I have camp on the brain, and stumbled upon some of the neatest, sweetest, outdoorsey items that I've ever seen!

Birds on a Road Trip (Limited Edition Print) $18 by BarkingBirdArt

Air-mail 4x12 panorama print at PepperSprouts

Rustic and Natural River Birch Toggle Wood Wooden Tree Branch Buttons $14 at TheHickoryTree

Playground Scavenger Hunt Cards,$16 at BlynkenAndNod

Pink Bowling Set, $44 at GreenBeeGoods

Birch Trees in Winter Wall Decals, $145 available at


I'd love to snatch those for my studio walls, so that when I get home from camping I can still feel like I'm out in the woods...;)

Maybe this isn't a "camping" picture...but it sure does scream "ROAD TRIP!!!" It reminds me of all the neat signs that I used to see when my family travelled across the USA. (I just love the stormy background too, so exciting!!)

Cheyenne 8x10 Print $35, available at AnnWilkinson

Organic Black Cloth Hiking Hat, $27.99 at LeatherheadOriginals

I wish I had seen this earlier. I need a good sun hat. I tan really well, very dark, but I'm still worried about too much sun exposure. I think a good sun hat would give Mark one more thing to call me a nerd about (I just know he would!)

How wonderfully refreshing would this soap feel over dirty, bug bitten and sunburned skin?Backwoods Soap, $4.75 at SeattleSundries

I'm SO excited that someone is finally making these again. They remind me of the chairs my Grandma always had on her porch. Hers had seashell backs I think, but this is close enough! I want one! I might have to venture back to the USA to purchase it though, because here in Canada they're only selling them in sets. (or so I was told, I'll have to investigate!)

Garden TreasuresBlue Retro Dining Patio Chair, $35 at Lowes


  1. Ahh yes can't wait for the holiday. It seems like it's been forever since the last! I'd love to be able to get out and camp but here in BC it's still rainy and a little miserable out. I've never heard anyone use the term tuck shop though. hmm!

  2. Tea, what do you guys call it?
    So far, In Canada, i've only ever heard "tuck shop". (even out in Alberta..)