27 Nov 2009

I smell Christmas...

I hope that you all had a glorious Thanksgiving holiday! Because we're in Canada, we already had our Thanksgiving back in October. (when it actually still looked like autumn around here...)
I can't help but feel a little need to still celebrate the American dated one as well, so we opted for some turkey soup with cranberry sauce on toast. Yummy!
I don't know why, but this year I'm so excited for the Christmas season. Some years I dread it, because I know that it will fly by and I'll have only accomplished a few of my projects out of the many that I'd hoped to complete. That, and I'm not a big winter junkie.
I like snow...for a little while. Like, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing day. Outside of those three days, I can't stand the stuff.
But alas, this IS Ontario, so I'd best learn to live with it.
(we're not in Kansas anymore Toto!!)
This year is different though. I'm eager! Maybe it's because we have a new house that will be fun to decorate, maybe it's because we actually have a fireplace to "hang our stockings with care"...
This year I'm not stressed, and I don't care if I get everything done that Martha Stewart lays out for me in this month's issue.
There will be tree decorating, hot chocolate, popcorn, "Christmas vacation" and "Muppet's Christmas carol", Bing Crosby, Glogg, Dad and his stinky pickled herring, silly crowns from Christmas crackers, the boys in their Jammies for days on end, and my feller to cuddle up with.
There will be gathering of friends and
and warmth.
And that's all I ever really wanted anyway.
Let the festivities begin!!

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