6 Jan 2010

The Holidays in a Flash!

Christmas morning. The boys in their new bathrobes showing off their christmas booty! Santa brought zeke a new guitar, and Reuben, a Rock Tumbler. (it's knocking around right now in the basement. Did you know that those things have to tumble for several weeks??)

I feel as though the last month has completely evaporated. We've done so much around here that it's been a complete blur! Christmas, NewYears, birthday parties, house renovations...(we finally got that disgusting carpeting out of here!!)

It came out easily, but the underpadding was a total mess. Little sticky green bits everywhere, we had to use putty knife and vegetable oil to remove it.

Unfortunately, while SOME us were busy working (ahem..) a UFC match broke out.
Reuben won the first match with a "full nelson" (whatever the heck that means) and Mark won the second match with an "arm bar". Zeke finally got annoyed with their lack of participation in working on the floor, and decided to go play ref.

Half a gallon of vegetable oil and two really sore backs later, we finally finished in time for the floor to be all sparkley for our new years eve bash.We were horrid parents and allowed our children to stay up until midnight, and ring in the new year by running up and down the sidewalk with sparklers.

They'll live.

Now that this is all over, we get to dive into wedding plans! Exciting, but yikes, it's only 4 months away!!


I'd better get crackin;)


  1. I love it! Staying up until midnight, wedding plans (woo hoo!), guitar (Otto got one too) and rock tumbler ( something that is still on my own Christmas list along with a cotton candy maker).
    I didn't know that they take a few weeks to tumble the rocks.. thanks for the tid bit!

  2. Great pictures! Your newly revealed floor looks wonderful, but geesh my back aches for you just thinking about all the work.

  3. Looks like you guys had an exciting eve. I remember helping my mom work on that underpadding years ago. But I thought bringing out the beautiful wooden floor was worth the hard work, even as a teenager! Happy new year to you and your family. :)

  4. wow- you guys did a lot over the holidays! the floor underneath the green mess looks beautiful-as if it was covered up to begin with! happy new years!