13 Jun 2010

Chandelier Tutorial

I'm in the process (if I can call it that, it's been a long while) of re-organizing my studio space.
When we moved in to this house last autumn, I was so relieved to finally  have some space dedicated to storing supplies and office space that I just sort of shoved everything in my approximate 12x9 room and closed the door.
It has a door.
This means that my work is no longer invading our living space, which is a huge welcome. I still smile about my door on a daily basis.

I realised though, I need a different sort of storage system. I need to take advantage of the ceiling height and free up more floor space. Currently, I'm using a myriad of vintage dining room furniture, a retro high back hutch, an old dining room table etc. *kinda-sorta* my style, sure, but not at all practical at all for storing art supplies.

I've been looking online at all sorts of beautifully decorated studios that seem to have all the storage and organization answers, but they often cost a fortune to actually build.

Beyond the antique style "built in" shelves with bead board trim that I dream about daily (usually as I'm grumbling about tripping over something that doesn't NEED to be stored in a box on the floor), I think about the decor of my future space.

While a chandelier wouldn't really be contributing to the general function of the room, I've wanted one for a while. Where else, after all, am I going to hang something this feminine in my male-infested home?
And, I have pretty decent lighting already. I'm a fan of my Ikea halogen track lights. They're practical, energy efficient, and they don't give me a headache.

But a Chandelier...

I found this tutorial today while perusing one of my favorite sites, Brassy Apple, and thought I would share. I thought this was a fantastic way to glam up a reading corner, or hang over my printing table!
It puts off no light, which is fantastic. I don't really need it too! And last but not least, no wiring for the Mister!

 I'm going to see if I can find the supplies to make this. I'll post a pic when I'm finished:) Now I just have to decide which color I want!