28 Apr 2011

Royal Wedding Printables

Unlike some enthusiasts, we won't be waking at 3 am tomorrow to watch the big event, however we ARE recording it so that we can watch it on Saturday while we have "high tea".

Just for this event, I've made up some little flags and buntings to add a little Royal flare to our party.

Feel free to print some off for your own celebrations!

Just click to enlarge, and print, or right click save etc. You know the drill!
Then cut, glue, staple...whatever method of ensuring permanency suits your fancy.



Have a marvey celebration, daahlings!


  1. I think your model has confused French and English stereotypes! That's definitely a posh French mo'

  2. Haha, yes, This one involoved less "scrubbing" after.
    You should hear his "british" accent...sounds a lot more like a mixture of swedish with a touch of czech...hehe. So long as he's having fun, which he definitely did;)

  3. Very cool! Actually, we DID get up early that day...but to take my daughter to th hospital to have our 1st grandchild! The baby was a girl, Armonie Aura, born on the day ofthe Royal wedding! love the printable for my sons room!!