4 Jun 2009

Rainy Day Fun

A few days ago it poured rain. I don't know what it is about rainy days that makes me giddy.

Maybe that I get to stay in and get cozy with the boys? I always have such a strong desire to sit and draw on days like these.

Zeke pulls his little chair up next to mine and we sit at the art table, making wonderful messes. (Reuben is usually UNDER the table, either "broadcasting' from his make believe radio station, or building a fort and taking prisoners...did I mention he has a fantastic imagination?)

I was trying to think of some neat alternatives to traditional place cards, for a wedding or shower, to put in my shop.

I'm not entirely sure that I hit the nail on the head here, as these are a little detailed for place cards, but were fun none the less.

I made a basic variegated wash on watercolor paper, in several color tones, and then cut the pieces out. After they were cut out, I did the detailing on the wings and tail, eyes beak etc, and then stuck them all together.

Now I'm not entirely too sure what to do with these. I could sell them as "embellishments" (why do I shudder when I say that word?) or giant gift tags, or actually sell these as place cards. Maybe they're actually more of a favor... any ideas?

Either way, I really enjoyed making them! I want to make more in other colors. I just have to decide what they are first!


  1. those are so adorable! very crafty! :)

  2. I want them for a mobile. They are adorable and would look so pretty hanging from a painted branch or off the edge of a table with a pretty ribbon. I am with you on the cozy rainy day fun. I love those days. xo

  3. A mobile sounds like a great idea. They are beautiful!

  4. so sweet! Love them, love your work!