19 Jun 2009

Today's Excitement

You wouldn't really think this would be that exciting, but to little boys, I quickly found out, an old baby bath tub full of soapy water is nothing but pure fun.

It started with us hauling up a high chair from the basement. The church camp needs one, and I have one that folds down really small, so I thought I'd send it up. It's covered in cobwebs though, so it needed scrubbed. So we unfolded it in the backyard and I let the boys scrub it with brushes until it sparkled.

Tucked in the back of it though was a whole bag of baby bibs. So i pulled those out and thought I'd quickly hand wash them and send them off to whoever needs them.

As soon as I set the pan of water down though, they were practically on top of me asking for a turn. I surrendered my job to the minions and let them have at it.

They FOUGHT over who got to do more bibs. Who got to hang more bibs, who got to spot scrub more bibs...I couldn't believe that they were fighting over laundry.

I told them they could wash them as many times as they wanted to and that seemed to solve the problem. They were at it for more than two hours...Those bibs couldn't get any cleaner!

(yes, my grass needs mowed, horribly. But there's milkweed mixed in, you see, and Reuben won't let me cut it, because he wants to see some monarch butterflies this summer. Smart cookie. Maybe I'll mow around it;)


  1. oooh the cuteness! I love the vintage-y look to your photos of them! xo

  2. Oh this brings me WAAAY back. This is probably why I love to hang clothes on the line so much; we did it when I was a kid! and it was so much fun then.

  3. wonderful blog! and great music too!