14 Jul 2009

What we've been up to lately...

Life has been busy lately, but fun. Must be summer!

It's Football season in this household. (Don't worry, mark doesn't always look this angry. His new helmet squishes up his forehead!)
Zeke playing with the Band at camp. (he was pretty certain that he was the star of this show!)
Reuben's Snail, "speedy".
A coffee can full of salamanders that the boys caught at the pond. I'm a mean mommy and wouldn't let them take any home.
Some of the froggies the boys caught. They and their friends had a "marriage" ceremony for most of them in pairs, and then again, mean mommy made them put them back.
This is Sam. He was married to Ella. Ha, get it? Sam n' Ella? Witty Children.
Zeke, with Ella.
Reuben and Speedy
Summer grubs. These four spent the whole week either in the trees or at the pond.
I need
to talk to Reuben
about being GENTLE!!!!!
Zeke and Charlie. Not our dog, but his friends. He wants one now. Not going to happen anytime soon.
These two are inseparable
And very busy with their frog catching "business". (only costs a quarter!)

What could be more fun than a MASSIVE tarp covered in water and baby oil? Zeke's tummy was pretty raw from the slip and slide and he was mad that I made him go on his bum after a while instead. He said "the scratchies are worth it".


  1. oh oh oh that is awesome.. the tarp. Our slip and slid (slide) was popped by the dog.. we have a tarp though. Great idea. Glad to see you are back! Beautiful photos of sweet summertime.

  2. That tarp looks amazing - and the amount of frogs would make my kids jealous, we only get three or four!

  3. My two year old was just torturing/loving on a frog today. I am nit sure it survived. The tarp looks fun. People must be doing that all over. I have seen a couple other blog posts about that today. I don't know about the baby oil, though. LOL! I did see one and they used baby soap to make it slippery (and the baby soap won't burn the eyes).

  4. Great pictures!!! I cannot let my 2nd son see these pictures or he will get too many ideas! LOL He is a creature kid!

  5. Wow, your blog is so much fun! You've got such a sweet little family. I can totally understand why you'd rather fill the roll of "mean mom" than have a house-full of frogs and salamanders. My little cousin is quite the collector of reptiles and amphibians, and my uncle usually lets him keep whatever he finds. He makes little habitats for them and attempts to mimic their natural diet by feeding them bugs and worms, but they usually die anyway. And then my cousin is left grieving for whatever poor animal he happened to capture. So I think you did the right thing. :-)