3 Feb 2010


Facebook has some crazy application going around that selects who your closest celebrity look-alike is. Apparently, Amanda Seyfried and I share 86% of the same features.
I don't see it, but heck, i'm flattered.

(by the way, this took up way too much time out of my day, so if you're going to go give it a try, don't say that I didn't warn you!)


  1. Oh, wow, this is a cool feature. I see the resemblance!

  2. Yes, there is a resemblance. I know all about spending too much time on Facebook apps. I'm so busy attending to my various virtual farms and towns, I don't have enough time in the day to attend to my "real" one. House that is! Maybe someday I'll own a farm, and then a real town. I can dream!

  3. There is a resemblance. You have to remember they had a photographer, make-up artist, etc. With all that I am sure you would look like twins!