12 Feb 2010

Panettone Fables

A leftover dried out Christmas Panettone was set outside to feed the hungry birds. It was winter, and the birds were scarce, and starving. 

 The yard was full of big, fat, well fed fluffy squirrels, but hardly any birds. What few, sad little birds did have the courage to come around, were scared away by the abundance of alley cats and squirrels.

When the bread was set out, of course, a beady eyed fluffy tailed rodent was the first to have a sample. He sat outside the house window and snacked away, not even caring that a human was a few feet from him, loudly sorting the recycling.

But then some birds started to gather above on a power line.

They waited until there were quite a few of them, and then in one fell swoop...


The sad little squirrel managed to grab a chunk and run to the nearby garage roof top....

but alas, they got that too.

And this is all that they left for poor mister squirrel.

The moral of the story is that there is power in numbers...

especially when dessert is involved.

the end.


  1. Wow they really cleaned up! That was a huge chunk of bread too!

  2. What a cute squirrel. I never see squirrels around my home, here in Texas. There are plenty at the local park, but none in my neighborhood. Not enough trees around, I guess.

  3. We have many squirrels in our neighborhood too. And they are so bold; we've seen them go after a deer. Of course, the deer took care herself but the idea of going after something lot bigger than youself!

  4. ha! we did the same with our left over panettone.

  5. I love the panettone squirrel. Cute picture. I think the only way I could eat panettone is with lots of Limoncello!


  6. I like the creative story line and the symbiosis it created with your images. Definitely in the style of Hitchcock... but without paid extras!!! :)

    Selkirk Bob