1 Feb 2010

A Successful Trip to the VV Boutique

  We have a chain of thrift stores around here called Value Village. I'm not sure if it's just a Canadian thing, or if American folks have this shop too.
Anyway, it's similar to salvation army, only often a lot more expensive. (Sometimes they have some pretty abused items marked up to some pretty steep prices. Coats with rips and missing zippers over $20 because it's brand name etc...) so we've dubbed it the "VV Boutique".

This weekend we had some stuff to donate,(remember the nasty "dusty rose" mini blinds from our new living room?) So of course I couldn't help ducking in just to see what they might have.
One thing about the VV boutique, is that while they overprice what most would call garbage, they often don't know when they have a treasure right in front of them.

Here are my Lucky Vintage Finds!
Set of 4 sweet rosie tea cups/sandwich plates: $3.99

Two Large Diner Serving Platters: $2.99 each

Massive  Juicer: .99cents!!

Four cocktail napkins: 99 cents

Two Table Cloths (one is so soft I plan on using it like a giant tea towel/apron: $1.99 each.

And last, but not least, A little sister for Gladys!

Gladys is my pink "piggie" bank, who rules my kitchen from her special little shelf. When I first saw her, I thought she was a cookie jar, but alas, she had a slot in the top. I bought her anyway. I had to. She was judging me. See her judging stare?

Mark has even made up a judging little owl sound that we're sure she makes to herself when we do not live up to her expectations.

Now they can judge us together.Will we be able to handle it??
Oh, the shame and humility!

I'm not yet sure what we're going to name Gladys's new sister yet...any ideas?


  1. What good finds! I especially like the rose sandwich plates with teacups. How about 'Gertrude' for Glady's sister? :)

  2. I LOVE VV and I LOVE the owl that you scored (as well as the rosie tea set!) Thrifting is by far the most fun way to shop. One of a kind and usually inexpensive.

  3. You are so funny. I love the owls.. with their staring owl eyes.

    Good finds! It is so fun to come home with new goodies to decorate and make things with.

  4. We have ViVi (said with a French accent) in Alaska too. Yes, they do seem to overvalue so many things but indeed you can find a deal once in awhile. You did well, Corrabelle!

  5. We have Value Village here, too! Your WOL's are wonderful, and the little one seems admonished by Pink Gladys.

  6. I love shopping at "The Village" too. Have you tried the Bible Mission store on Up. Wellington ? I have found lots of great stuff there.

  7. I think "Goldie" would be a great name for Gladys' sister. Adorable finds!