17 Feb 2010

Welcome, Judah!

Judah Morris Eric Cowan

My sister, Lindi, just had her baby yesterday morning, weighing
 7 lbs and 4 oz, and is 19.5" long.

For a really long time I thought she was having a girl. I was sure of it. But a few weeks ago I started thinking that it was a boy. I don't know why...but I just had a feeling.

He's extra pink,VERY fuzzy, round and squeaky!
 He's got the most pathetic little wimper and startles quite easily. Really, he just does not like to be bothered.

I tried looking at his little feet (which are massive by the way, as are his hands!) and it completely freaked him out when I messed with his little blanket.

He doesn't look a thing like his sister, (it's funny, he actually looks like Reuben) and he smells absolutely heavenly.

Eva is in love. She tried to tickle her little brother, (she says "tee-ko tee-ko tee-ko!") but realized quickly that new born brothers do not like to be tickled!

I think i'm going to have to do a watercolor sign for his bedroom:) I'm trying to think of something cute to go with his name. I think of Lions when I hear the name Judah.

I'm pretty sure though that he's going to get "Jude" most of the time, as several of us have already started singing "hey Jude" as soon as we heard the name!


  1. Oh, my heart just melted. I love the smell of babies! And big sis planting a kiss is just precious. Congratulations, everyone!

  2. Oh you are an Auntie again! I was thinking this must be soon. This is wonderful news.. can you hear me clapping :) I love his name. What a sweet baby. Tell them we send love from Montana.
    Soon one here too! I get silly looking at these photos!