25 Feb 2008

Market Bag

For my very first blog post, im thrilled to show off what i've recently purchased (or traded I should say) from Kathijane . Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous.

When I saw this very precious market bag, I had to have it, for...various purposes. A: It will be perfect for my farmers market trips. I go a lot, and hate using wasteful plastic bags.
B: I just had to stick my new baby niece in there. Partially, because any infant just looks so darn cute crammed into a little bag or basket. But also because when my mom was pregnant with my sister, she dreamt that she was going to give birth to a loaf of bread. Well, 24 years later, that loaf of bread gave birth to yet another loaf. The little market bag is quite fitting for this little loaf.

I love the high quality of this bag, its well lined and stiffens up very nicely. I dont think that they're intended for carrying babies. So please dont try it if you purchase one. Makes for a VERY cute picture though, dont you think?hehe