2 Jan 2009

The Perfect Hat

Every child is a true monkey, at heart. So why not play with it? I ordered this darling hat back in sept/october, from citefuzz . I stumbled upon this shop when it was on the front page of Etsy. I don't have any babies, but I do have a little niece that I love spoiling. (i only have boys, so having a little girl to find cute things for is a ton of fun!)
I requested the hat in these colors, as they seem to be Eva's favorites thus far. (and they suit her so well, don't you think ? )

Also available are some more traditional hats that are just as sweet as pie. I really like this brimmed one.

Lori (citefuzz) was extremely accommodating with the custom order, and did a terrific job of creating a unique, and high quality hat.
If you're looking for the perfect baby gift for a friend, or even your own child, visit her shop for the perfect baby gift, that both mama and baby will enjoy! (Eva can't stop staring at herself in her little mirror, she totally enjoys her monkey self.) Suits her personality perfectly!