30 Nov 2009

Bubby is 7

That's right, I had twins for 15 days. But it's all come to an end now that the Bubbs has turned 7.(SEVEN!! that's, like, a real kid!)
Not a baby anymore, losing all his teeth, doesn't need my help anymore making his breakfast, takes a shower by himself, goes to the "men's" room at McDonalds...Yikes! When did this all happen?

Happy Birthday Reuben!!

27 Nov 2009

I smell Christmas...

I hope that you all had a glorious Thanksgiving holiday! Because we're in Canada, we already had our Thanksgiving back in October. (when it actually still looked like autumn around here...)
I can't help but feel a little need to still celebrate the American dated one as well, so we opted for some turkey soup with cranberry sauce on toast. Yummy!
I don't know why, but this year I'm so excited for the Christmas season. Some years I dread it, because I know that it will fly by and I'll have only accomplished a few of my projects out of the many that I'd hoped to complete. That, and I'm not a big winter junkie.
I like snow...for a little while. Like, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing day. Outside of those three days, I can't stand the stuff.
But alas, this IS Ontario, so I'd best learn to live with it.
(we're not in Kansas anymore Toto!!)
This year is different though. I'm eager! Maybe it's because we have a new house that will be fun to decorate, maybe it's because we actually have a fireplace to "hang our stockings with care"...
This year I'm not stressed, and I don't care if I get everything done that Martha Stewart lays out for me in this month's issue.
There will be tree decorating, hot chocolate, popcorn, "Christmas vacation" and "Muppet's Christmas carol", Bing Crosby, Glogg, Dad and his stinky pickled herring, silly crowns from Christmas crackers, the boys in their Jammies for days on end, and my feller to cuddle up with.
There will be gathering of friends and
and warmth.
And that's all I ever really wanted anyway.
Let the festivities begin!!

25 Nov 2009

A Family Portrait

I'm always pulled to the photo bins at the antique stores. These are where I find portraits that I connect with like the closest, oldest dear friends. I even recognize myself in these forgotten, cloudy images.

I want to hug them, sit on their back porch, hold their child while they tell me about their day, borrow a cup of sugar, swap recipes.

Sometimes, I think I was born into the entirely wrong Era.

The music, the fashion, the customs, the recipes, the decor, I'm drawn more to my grandparents' teenage years than my own.

When I found this I immediately recognized my sister, our two best friends and I.
1938. L-R, Lindi, Laura, Me, And Jocelyn
I wish I had been there to see when women wouldn't dare leave the house without their gloves,
when men would blow their noses into handkerchiefs, and little girls always went to church in crinolines.
I envy their beautifully starched colorful hats, aprons, and that their hard work and hospitality and entertaining was seen as an art, not a chore.
Gardening, canning, sewing, cooking were skills that were common, and not something that anyone would choose to do without.
Motherhood was an admired career, and recognized as such.
The title "stay at home mom" was redundant.
Simple things were treasured. Children had fewer toys, but truly loved the ones they had.
They could play outside all day and parents wouldn't have to worry about their safety.
Families spent more time together, without being interrupted by television and impossibly busy schedules.
People knew their neighbors and local shop keepers by name.
They wrote letters and kept in touch with friends and family for years without seeing each other, or the aid of current technology.

My paternal grandparents, early 40's, taken while my grandfather was on leave from the Navy. Weren't they a classy lookin' couple?

After looking at all these and thinking about it all, I can't help but want to scoop up my boys and curl up with them for a good book. Have my sisters over for tea and bake with them.

Take a long walk with my feller, hand in hand, rather than watching the next episode of *who cares what*.

Slow life down, simplify, and breathe.

18 Nov 2009

Look how far you've come!

Happy Birthday Zeke! You're 6 now, and just as cute as the day you were born. (And just as firey!..I knew you were trouble when you were born with that little red Mohawk!)
I can't believe how big you've gotten, and so quickly! It seems like just yesterday you were tiny and round with that wonderful newborn smell. I'm so blessed to be your mama.

6 Nov 2009

A Pretty Nifty Field Trip

Yesterday morning, after receiving a call from my Mom, I woke up the boys a little earlier than necessary.
I told them to get dressed in their self-dubbed "handsome clothes" and that we were going out
to see someone very special.
They scrambled to find their matching shirts and sweaters, (and of COURSE, neckties) and were ready in a flash.
"Can you tell us where we're going now? Pretty please?"
As hard as it was to answer with a straight face (because it seemed so surreal) I said
"we're going to see the Prince of England".
They laughed....and laughed some more. They didn't believe me.
Zeke asked "can I bring my cap-gun?"
Reuben started singing "The Phony King of England" from Robin Hood, at the top of his lungs.
They really didn't believe me!
I had to explain to them that there really IS a Prince of England, (and that he wasn't horrible Prince John from Robin Hood) and that we really were going to go see him!
After a short history lesson, and a brief discussion on what's appropriate (or not appropriate) to sing while waiting to see his Royal Majesty, we were off to Dundurn Castle.

Of Course, Eva was in her prim and proper as well. First the Band Played.
and played...and played some more.

Zeke really liked the piccolo player. Reuben was confused as to what the role of the Major was, seeing as there was also a conductor.
We killed a lot of time, talking about each and every instrument.
Reuben wanted to know "why on earth the trombone player would be emptying her spit valve right in front of everyone, especially when the prince could walk out at any moment".
(I guess at this point he realised that the Prince kinda was a big deal, now that he knew that he was real and all...;)
And then...
First they waved to us from the balcony. (They came to Hamilton to tour Dundurn castle, because
it was built and owned by Lady Camilla's great great great Grandfather, Sir Allen MacNab.)

Greeting us commoners.
My mom was holding Zeke at this point. "Zeke!" she said, "do you see the Prince?"
"who, that guy with the grey hair?"
(I think that they were expecting more of a "Disney" variety of Prince.)
Lindi was able to get really close...

Notice that Prince Charles is wearing both the British AND Canadian Remembrance Day Poppy.

And Eva even got to "speak" with the Duchess of Cornwall herself.
"what a cute flat little hat you have" she said, in her luxuriously thick Brrrrritish accent, patting Eva's head.
"and what smart little gloves! I like your little gloves!"
The boys were a little short for the crowd, but they were such good sports. On their best behavior, and waited patiently.
I held them up for a good portion of the time, and my dad took turns with them on his shoulders.
Even though they didn't get super close, they did get to see the Prince, with their own eyes, which was, in Reuben's words,