13 Dec 2010

St. Lucia Day

In spirit of St. Lucia day, I've chosen some of my most favorite scandinavian style items to feature!
Scandinavian Snowflake Gift Tags
gnome tea towel
Hand Screen Printed Patterned Stocking
Daisy bird cushion in teal on white linen
Meander original silkscreen print - mustard green Edition of 35
Fabric Tubby for Sharing, Snacking or Storage- Scandinavian Style Hearts
Swedish Branch Candle (Grenljus)
Pair of Mustard Yellow Dining Chairs
Handmade Messenger/Diaper Bag - Nouveau Blossom- Made to Order
Mid Century Danish Teak Chair with Aqua Seat
Scandinavian Christmas Candle Holders
Scandinavian style Floorcloth
Organic cotton dala horse tea towel red
Tiny Ingemar Swedish Horse Rubber Stamp

Last but not least, My own dalarna horsie! I've used him on a lot of Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper!! He looks extra handsome on felt;)
(an old pic my mom had of me doing the st. Lucia day routine-obviously we never took it very seriously as I think that it was the advent wreath that we used, and I was still in my work uniform...)

Christmas - Santa Lucia Sweden

For those of you who were wondering... "what the heck?" Why does
Corrabelle have a picture with candles on her head?

9 Dec 2010

Mrs. Wilson's Brood

Just sharing a new original watercolor that I've listed in my shop- based on the tragedy of Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson, you see, was our finch (or rather my sister's) who had such a compulsive need to lay eggs, yet none of them ever hatched.

However, she didn't seem to notice. She would simply carry on and building her nest.
 She and Mr. Wilson** would sit on their eggs, day and night, in hope that one might hatch. However, if an egg proved to be taking too long for their liking, it was tossed out of the nest and into the food dish.

**may Mr. Wilson rest in peace-we will discuss his suicide at a later date. It's much too soon to talk about it.
Mrs. Wilson is now happily settled in at a retirement home though, where she may meet another Mr. Wilson.

A side note: If any of you ever does have a finch who is a maniac egg layer, do not remove the eggs from the cage and leave them in a dish on the dining room table for observation. They so closely resemble cadbury mini-eggs and can be easily mistaken by an innocent (and later very disgusted) passer-by. Please don't risk it. I speak from experience.

7 Dec 2010

Happy Hanukkah from us to you!

1 Dec 2010

Watercolor winter wonderland

A quick post only to share a few recent designs for my Christmas cards being sold at

White backgrounds weren't actually an intentional theme, which is kind of funny because I normally don't leave such empty spaces. I find it refreshing though:)