7 Aug 2008

Retro Appliances

I've been a fan of all things retro, vintage, for as long as I can remember. (anything my grandma or great grandma used, basically.)

So I've decided to do a little series of rubber stamps based on Grandma's kitchen.
I think the kitchen was the most popular room in my Grandparents house.
They had 8 children, all of which had multiple children of their own, eventually. I'm close to the same age as a couple of my aunts and uncles, because my Mom was one of the oldest.

Despite the large family, I don't ever remember my Grandparents having a kitchen bigger than a shoe box! Yet, everyone would crowd in and sit around the table, often on each others laps while everyone cooked or canned together.(salsa day was a favorite).

Babies would be sitting on cousin's or aunties laps, gumming on veggies, while the bigger boys would take the toddlers out to play while the Mama's had a little 'break'.

Its silly to say that I remember all that from a TOASTER...but I do!

Mind you, there were other things about Grandma's kitchen that made it unique, such as her shotgun she kept behind her door along with the broom, mop and fly swatter! (unloaded of course).
If she saw a "critter" in her garden though, LOOK OUT. She'd whip open the window and fire that gun right through the screen.

Can you see why I went for the toaster and Kitchen aid? I don't think that there are too many people out there that would see a shotgun as a kitchen appliance. But now it's got me thinkin....;)

I've just listed these two in my shop, and there are more appliances on the way!
I'm running a little promotion (the first I've ever done actually) and when both the toaster and the mixer are purchased, the buyer will get a free slice of toast! (well, a rubber stamp of one. I imagine that if I were to send an actual piece of toast, it would arrive to the buyer as one giant ugly crouton!)