19 Jun 2009

Today's Excitement

You wouldn't really think this would be that exciting, but to little boys, I quickly found out, an old baby bath tub full of soapy water is nothing but pure fun.

It started with us hauling up a high chair from the basement. The church camp needs one, and I have one that folds down really small, so I thought I'd send it up. It's covered in cobwebs though, so it needed scrubbed. So we unfolded it in the backyard and I let the boys scrub it with brushes until it sparkled.

Tucked in the back of it though was a whole bag of baby bibs. So i pulled those out and thought I'd quickly hand wash them and send them off to whoever needs them.

As soon as I set the pan of water down though, they were practically on top of me asking for a turn. I surrendered my job to the minions and let them have at it.

They FOUGHT over who got to do more bibs. Who got to hang more bibs, who got to spot scrub more bibs...I couldn't believe that they were fighting over laundry.

I told them they could wash them as many times as they wanted to and that seemed to solve the problem. They were at it for more than two hours...Those bibs couldn't get any cleaner!

(yes, my grass needs mowed, horribly. But there's milkweed mixed in, you see, and Reuben won't let me cut it, because he wants to see some monarch butterflies this summer. Smart cookie. Maybe I'll mow around it;)

14 Jun 2009

This here is a crazy little boy. I'm sure you can tell by the picture, he doesn't walk like an ordinary human, he vibrates.
This buzzed little human constantly surprises me though with little tricks up his sleeves. While he's pretty nutty, he also has some very serious musical and artistic skills. Actually, he's a poet, and we didn't know it.

He will sit and play piano for 4 hours straight if I let him. Or guitar. He doesn't care, so long as he's singing and holding an instrument.

Sometimes while he sings, I'll record what he sings. I'll write down the lyricss, because they're just so sweet. Lately they've been getting really good too. (i'll have to record it one day with the actual tune)

He wrote a song of praise this week. I thought I'd post it for Sunday:)

Untitled, by Zeke
You have my heart, And I cant see you.; You're invisible.
But you see me. You see all of me. You know me
Be the tale of my heart lord,
be the tale of my heart.
Be the beat of my heart lord,
Be the beat of my heart.
I'm glad you know me, you know all of me.

12 Jun 2009

Welcome, Baby Jack

I have a new nephew! A touch preemie, so he's a perfect little bowling ball.
He Arrived early tuesday morning, a few weeks early, but is doing super well, and will go home
today! Yay Jack!!

I made him this little sign for his room. A jack rabbit seemed appropriate:)

11 Jun 2009

Hilariously Funny Note Card from WryAndGinger

Today the etsy forums were in uproar. I do participate, but rarely do I get too involved in heated discussions. I just pass the thread and move on.
Today's annoyance though was just too insulting to just ignore.

A poor sad woman who I think MIGHT be chained to her desk decided to write this article. I'm not sure if it was an attention grab, or if she really is just this bitter.

She repeatedly bashes stay at home moms, and apparently thinks that we're dreaming the impossible, by thinking that maybe our pitiful creations might bring us enough income to justify our being home with our children.

She believes that we (the pathetic housewives and stay at home moms of North America) are being naively mislead by "etsy" in thinking that we'll ever be able to "quit our day jobs" and has pity for my poor primitive lifestyle.

I have many things I would just LOVE to say to this chick who writes from her "real" job, but many of those things have already been said in the angry comments below her incredibly foolish article.

So I'll just say this.

Sara Mosle, tomorrow morning, while you're scrambling to get your breakfast (double espresso perhaps?) and fighting traffic get to your "real" job on time,
I'll be asleep.

I'll probably wake up around 9, cuddle and read story books with my boys until 10, and then go to work. In my Pajamas.

Poor me.

9 Jun 2009


Today is St Chicken's day!
(as I blogged about back in February)
So in honour of the holiday, I've picked out some fancy shmancy chicken themed fun!
Hot Chicken Wing Soap Set at LoveLeeSoaps, $5
(OK, these look too much like the real thing, I'm afraid showering would make me crave wings!)

Fun on the Farm Tile Coaster , RobotCandy, $6

Plush Chicken Doll by AbsolutelySmall, $20

RozArt, Rooster 24 x 30 Inch Original Oil Painting $150
Everyone have a splendid St. Chicken's Day!

4 Jun 2009

Rainy Day Fun

A few days ago it poured rain. I don't know what it is about rainy days that makes me giddy.

Maybe that I get to stay in and get cozy with the boys? I always have such a strong desire to sit and draw on days like these.

Zeke pulls his little chair up next to mine and we sit at the art table, making wonderful messes. (Reuben is usually UNDER the table, either "broadcasting' from his make believe radio station, or building a fort and taking prisoners...did I mention he has a fantastic imagination?)

I was trying to think of some neat alternatives to traditional place cards, for a wedding or shower, to put in my shop.

I'm not entirely sure that I hit the nail on the head here, as these are a little detailed for place cards, but were fun none the less.

I made a basic variegated wash on watercolor paper, in several color tones, and then cut the pieces out. After they were cut out, I did the detailing on the wings and tail, eyes beak etc, and then stuck them all together.

Now I'm not entirely too sure what to do with these. I could sell them as "embellishments" (why do I shudder when I say that word?) or giant gift tags, or actually sell these as place cards. Maybe they're actually more of a favor... any ideas?

Either way, I really enjoyed making them! I want to make more in other colors. I just have to decide what they are first!