F R E Q U E N T L Y    Q U E R I E D    Q U E R I E S

I get a lot of questions about everything from my supplies & shop success tips to the colour of paint on my kitchen wall,  so I thought I'd post a quick little memo here, hopefully this will answer some questions since I can't always respond.

(for rubber stamp questions, please see bottom)

I love your pictures in your shop. what kind of camera do you use?

In my shop photos, I use a simple little point& shoot canon powershot a470, often in macro setting-with natural light. Other pictures on my blog were taken either with a film SLR pentax (yes, really) or a fuji finepix.DSLR

I have opened an etsy shop and I haven't sold anything -can you please offer me some tips and your "secret"  to selling?

congratulations, you're in business!  Unfortunately there is no secret to success-and if there is, it's still a secret which I definitely don't have.

I was recently interviewed in etsy's storque article for the "quit your day job" column-which does answer some "starting out" questions.
Click here to read the interview

I'd also like to recommend the book "the handmade marketplace" by kari Chapin.
This book may be small, but it is packed with tips and advice for artists just starting out.

How did you get that nifty background/button/banner/widget on your blog?

I'm so terribly untalented with the technical mayhem behind website building-it's a miracle I have a website at all. Let me just say that no changes have been made to the layout of this blog without some major messes, and on occasion, tears.

I'm the wrong person to ask about this. If you want a doodle in ink on paper though, I'm your girl.

I'd like to use one of your photographs or images of your artwork on my own blog/site. Is that ok?

Yes, certainly. Please be sure to link back to my site and show proper credit.

Is Gladys for sale?

No. I'm afraid not. She's settled in quite nicely in our breakfast nook, happily collecting all silver farthings.

What brand of watercolour paints/paper do you use?

I use winsor & newton artist's watercolours, and winsor&newton cotman pan sets. For paper, I use several different kinds depending on the texture I'm going for. I don't use any paper lighter than 140lb, usually.

What colour of paint is that in your kitchen?
that nifty turquoise paint is called "vintage map" by martha stewart. And this is the only paint in my house where I remember the colour-as it's the only name brand paint I've ever purchased.

is corrabelle your real name?
no-but I've been called corrabelle by family since early childhood.

What is your real name?

My real name is Corrie

Isn't Corrie a boy's name?
Presently, there was a time though when no mother could dream of calling their handsome little boy something as feminine as "Corrie". (which means maiden, by the way)
. I was named after Corrie Ten Boom. So there.

Moving on to more serious stuff now.

r u b b e r   s t a m p s

do you make custom rubber stamps?

Yes*, I do! Please email me, or send me a convo through http://corrabelle.etsy.com with
the design you have in mind, and  let me know the approximate size that you would like it to be. I will try my best to let you know if I'm able to carve it for you, and how much it will be.

* for return address stamps, I require your first born child.
Ok, not really. but i no longer make return address stamps.
hand carving all those characters can make me a little nutty.

are your rubber stamps mounted?

 Unless requested, my rubber stamps are sold unmounted, for several reasons. They're easier to store, they're more accurate to use (the wood isn't blocking the view of your paper for alignment) and they're much more affordable for my buyers if I ship unmounted. (Canada post has a 2cm pricing bracket that a mounted stamp will not fit through.)
That being said, I will, for an extra shipping fee, mount any stamp upon request!

how do I clean my new rubber stamp?

Any plain ol' soap will do. I sometimes even use baby wet wipes as they're quick and handy.
If you're using an oil based ink, you'll need to work up a good lather. Because the stamps are unmounted, they're fine to let soak overnight. Be careful not to stack them though, as they could stick together!
Either let them air dry face up on a serviette, or pat them dry with a soft towel.

I love the ink colour in your listing- where did you get it?

there are quite a few types and colors of ink that I use-some are pigment and some are dye based. Some of the brands that I enjoy are "color box", "delta" and "stampin' Up!".
I also often use speedball liquid inks which are applied with a brayer.

can I use my new rubber stamp on wood, fabric, clay,  or some other odd surface?

with the right ink, you can stamp just about anything you like. (with permission of course! no graffiti, please!)
I recommend "fabrico" or "versaCraft" for fabric. I also really like speedball inks for fabric. They have a lovely texture!

I would very much like to try carving my own rubber stamp. do you sells supplies for that?

Lucky for you, I do! I carry both carving tools and rubber block in my rubber stamp shop.

I can't draw to save my life. Can I still carve a stamp?

I now also carry pre printed blocks with many sweet images. All you have to do is carve, no drawing required!