23 Apr 2008

Coming Soon-Block Printed Table Numbers

I was recently commissioned to make these for a wedding. It was a long tedious job carving each of these somewhat large scale numbers, but well worth the time.
I used the design from my "Lady Edna" stationery. I carved that block print years ago, inspired by a feed sack apron I have from the mid 30's.

I'm not sure if everyone would dig the birds as much as I do(it was actually the customers idea, she must have noticed that I do a LOT of bird stuff).
I suppose I could change them according to theme...

Either way, I'll be listing them in my shop, sans birdies at first, and with a variety of choices for card stock.

I can't wait to do more printing. I'll be moving my studio shortly, from my upstairs main floor, to my basement. Once that's finished, I'll be printing like a mad woman!

I've also just started listing my pill boxes and yoyos. I may do some needle cases soon, we'll see.
They were fun to make though. I always enjoy finding new surfaces to block print!


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  2. I saw you just now on etsy main page and I not only marked your shop as a fave, but almost every one of your stamps! I especially love your birdy stamps and can't wait to get a few when I have some more funds. I'm a stay at home mom who spends most of mt craft earning on craft items!

  3. Just had to pop by to say your things are absolutely lovely! Found you in a search for Waldorf things and I'm now in love with all of your stamps. Cooking up ideas for the stamps that I "must have!"

  4. Love the birds! The cards are so pretty. I'm off to check out your shop. -- Michele