8 Apr 2009

Makers Market Postcard, with my little bird

Market kickoff is quickly approaching, so we've been making a lot of preparations.
Mark and I have been abusing more beer and soda bottles, and designing more stamps.
I've been making some wee designs of my larger stamps, and quite a few new ones as well! I'll be listing them in my shop shortly after the market:)

Itty Bitty Bartlett (I have a whole slew of fruits and veggies I'm working on)

The market has three locations this year, which can be a good thing, but I'm a little nervous that Hamilton isn't quite ready for that yet.
The arts community is growing and becoming more public, which is great! I'm just afraid that it might be a little bit of an overkill to have three markets a month. The same buyers are often at every market, (with a few new ones mixed in) as well as the same sellers selling the same things.
After a while a lot of people have already seen everything, and suddenly the market is dead.

Obviously some really good advertising would remedy this, as Hamilton IS a big city, so I think there's potential. I just wonder if this is too soon. We'll see!

I'm personally looking forward to all the organic produce. Some of the local farmers bring some really fun and strange heirloom varieties of all sorts of vegetables. (Ever had a purple carrot!?)

Oh, and we have some Birdie news! Since the passing of Atticus, we've been missing that silly little sound. So, we've adopted a pair of Java finches. We were told that one is a male, and the other female. I think that they're both boys though...because they both have a beautiful song. Female Java's aren't supposed to sing at all! So I guess we can take off that nesting box we stuck on their cage, as I doubt we'll be seeing any eggs. (we kinda jumped the gun and thought it would be fun to raise a few clutches).
We haven't named them yet, as we want to make sure that they're both boys before we do.

Originally, before we knew that the one is a boy, we were thinking "Scout and Jeb". (even though that would make them brother and sister...*gasp*)
Once I found out though that they're most likely both boys, I was thinking it would be fun to name them after dictators (they sound SO bossy) but do we really want our kids calling out, "Pinochet" or "Stalin"....?


  1. Your new finches are adorable. Good luck on the shows; let us know how it all goes!