11 Jun 2009

Hilariously Funny Note Card from WryAndGinger

Today the etsy forums were in uproar. I do participate, but rarely do I get too involved in heated discussions. I just pass the thread and move on.
Today's annoyance though was just too insulting to just ignore.

A poor sad woman who I think MIGHT be chained to her desk decided to write this article. I'm not sure if it was an attention grab, or if she really is just this bitter.

She repeatedly bashes stay at home moms, and apparently thinks that we're dreaming the impossible, by thinking that maybe our pitiful creations might bring us enough income to justify our being home with our children.

She believes that we (the pathetic housewives and stay at home moms of North America) are being naively mislead by "etsy" in thinking that we'll ever be able to "quit our day jobs" and has pity for my poor primitive lifestyle.

I have many things I would just LOVE to say to this chick who writes from her "real" job, but many of those things have already been said in the angry comments below her incredibly foolish article.

So I'll just say this.

Sara Mosle, tomorrow morning, while you're scrambling to get your breakfast (double espresso perhaps?) and fighting traffic get to your "real" job on time,
I'll be asleep.

I'll probably wake up around 9, cuddle and read story books with my boys until 10, and then go to work. In my Pajamas.

Poor me.


  1. This woman should read your blog. She would walk away inspired to love a beautiful life, she may just quit her job. Etsy does work. It is where I found you! If I could just make up my mind now and pick a logo!!

  2. I meant Live a beautiful life - but Love works too I guess :)

  3. I don't people like that WANT to be happy or inspired. That's okay, we can just do it instead. Poor her.

  4. Yes i am glad i went on etsy and found your shop. I've only just started on there so don't know yet what sales (if any) i can make but i'm happy enough to try and spend more time with my daughter...........in my pjs too!

  5. It sounds to me as though you live the PERFECT life.

    Some people have lost sight of what things are REALLY of value. We focus on life's beauty and get joy and fulfilment from creating and being in nature with those we love :)

  6. Ha HA! Here's to cuddles and working in pajamas! And to knowing your own children better than anyone else on the planet!