6 Nov 2009

A Pretty Nifty Field Trip

Yesterday morning, after receiving a call from my Mom, I woke up the boys a little earlier than necessary.
I told them to get dressed in their self-dubbed "handsome clothes" and that we were going out
to see someone very special.
They scrambled to find their matching shirts and sweaters, (and of COURSE, neckties) and were ready in a flash.
"Can you tell us where we're going now? Pretty please?"
As hard as it was to answer with a straight face (because it seemed so surreal) I said
"we're going to see the Prince of England".
They laughed....and laughed some more. They didn't believe me.
Zeke asked "can I bring my cap-gun?"
Reuben started singing "The Phony King of England" from Robin Hood, at the top of his lungs.
They really didn't believe me!
I had to explain to them that there really IS a Prince of England, (and that he wasn't horrible Prince John from Robin Hood) and that we really were going to go see him!
After a short history lesson, and a brief discussion on what's appropriate (or not appropriate) to sing while waiting to see his Royal Majesty, we were off to Dundurn Castle.

Of Course, Eva was in her prim and proper as well. First the Band Played.
and played...and played some more.

Zeke really liked the piccolo player. Reuben was confused as to what the role of the Major was, seeing as there was also a conductor.
We killed a lot of time, talking about each and every instrument.
Reuben wanted to know "why on earth the trombone player would be emptying her spit valve right in front of everyone, especially when the prince could walk out at any moment".
(I guess at this point he realised that the Prince kinda was a big deal, now that he knew that he was real and all...;)
And then...
First they waved to us from the balcony. (They came to Hamilton to tour Dundurn castle, because
it was built and owned by Lady Camilla's great great great Grandfather, Sir Allen MacNab.)

Greeting us commoners.
My mom was holding Zeke at this point. "Zeke!" she said, "do you see the Prince?"
"who, that guy with the grey hair?"
(I think that they were expecting more of a "Disney" variety of Prince.)
Lindi was able to get really close...

Notice that Prince Charles is wearing both the British AND Canadian Remembrance Day Poppy.

And Eva even got to "speak" with the Duchess of Cornwall herself.
"what a cute flat little hat you have" she said, in her luxuriously thick Brrrrritish accent, patting Eva's head.
"and what smart little gloves! I like your little gloves!"
The boys were a little short for the crowd, but they were such good sports. On their best behavior, and waited patiently.
I held them up for a good portion of the time, and my dad took turns with them on his shoulders.
Even though they didn't get super close, they did get to see the Prince, with their own eyes, which was, in Reuben's words,


  1. That sounds like a great day!

  2. Alicia "Brien"6 November 2009 at 18:31

    My grandmother used to talk all time about going to see the visiting royalty when she was a Brownie leader (I think - I should have paid more attention. I know she went to see visiting royalty, I just don't know when). What a great memory for your boys!

  3. Your children look very british in their dress up clothes!
    I once saw the Queen, it was awesome!

  4. Your boys are super cute! Sounds like a fun time.

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  6. How fun!! I love it that you made the event so special, from start to finish.

  7. how cute. i love that the Duchess said that Eva's gloves were smart!