13 Mar 2009

Real Mayo...there's no going back!

Lately I've been reading older cookbooks, and old issues of "ladies home journal" and there are so many really simple things that we no longer make for ourselves.

Instead, we head off to the grocery stores and find it already bottled, ready to serve.
Ketchup, Salad Dressing, Mustard, Jam, Jelly, chocolate syrup, pretty much every condiment you can think of.

Now I'm not about to go tap my own maple trees for syrup. (I couldn't even if I wanted to. I have a ginkgo tree, and I'm not sure that would be too tasty!)
Hey, if you have a small forest of maples though, all the power to ya. It could be fun!

But mayonnaise, how simple is that? I'd never thought of making my own, because, well, it's relatively cheap, and usually comes in such big bottles that we rarely run out.

I've been reading labels a little more carefully though these days, and even the most basic of things are so full of chemicals. Preservatives, high levels of sodium, and all sorts of fillers that were never named with the intentions of anyone ever being able to pronounce.

So I decided to give this condiment a shot. I know people used to make their own all the time. I'm not sure if it was the raw egg factor that made people stop, or if it was just the fact that it was cheap to buy it already made.

For whatever reason the quit making it, I think they're crazy.
Real mayonnaise tastes entirely different than the pre-made stuff. It's a whole other category.

I made mine slightly differently than recipes I've seen. Most recipes call for whole eggs, and canola/vegetable oil. I'm sure that'd be great! I love the taste of olive oil though, and thought this would be a good way of getting some essential fatty acids. (It's hard to find ways of getting good fats in, other than salad dressing. So many recipes involve cooking and heating the oil, which ruins any benefits the oil has to offer).

I also used some really yummy vinegar that I got at Ikea, it's a lingonberry and apple vinegar that has a fantastic flavor. And to top it off, i used farm fresh eggs. (the yolks are SO much brighter, since those chickens actually get some sun, and aren't fed hormones...) I only used the yolks. You can use the whole egg though if you like.
It didn't make a ton, but you don't need a lot. It only keeps for about a week, so unless you're making enough for party sized potato salad, this is all you'd need.
4 egg yolks (or two whole eggs)

3tsp of vinegar. (I added a bit more, because I like it a little more tart)

1tsp of salt

1tsp of sugar

1 cup of oil

Crack the eggs into the bowl and whisk them really well. Add the vinegar slowly and continue to whisk until it starts to froth up a bit. It will start to get pretty thick.

Then start adding the oil..... s l o w l y.

Add a drizzle at a time, and continue to whisk. If you add it too fast, you'll end up with really runny mayonnaise.

If you like, you can do this in the blender instead. It is faster that way. Truth be told, I just don't like to dirty my blender over a cup of mayonnaise. I hate cleaning it!

Once you're finished whisking it, and it's fairly fluffy, you can add in the sugar and salt. If you're feeling really fancy, add in some seasonings. Garlic? herbs? Anything your little heart desires!

Pour into a sealed container, and refrigerate.. I found that it set up even more after being in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Eat on top of your favorite mayonnaise adorned sandwiches and enjoy! (i like mine on toasted tomato sandwiches, with little bits of prosciutto, and lots of black pepper:)


  1. I've been thinking about making my own mayo for weeks now! I'd like to make some wasabi mayo... yummy-licious! Thanks for the kick.

  2. mmm, i've heard of that! Do you eat sushi? Those would be really good together!
    I've also heard of a mustard mayo (dijon) and a lot of other kinds as well.
    Even switching the types of vinigar makes a whole new flavor. (malt, rice, wine etc).

  3. This looks great. Thanks for sharing. You're very right about the chemicals and sodium etc. I wish I always had time to make things from scratch this way.