8 Mar 2009

Saturday's Lucky Finds

On Saturday, it rained. Actually, it poured. Small animals were floating down the rivers in the streets, in tiny make-shift leaf boats and tin garden pots. (OK, I'm lying, but how fun would that be?!)

I'm a huge fan of rainy days, I always have been. My kids weren't home, so after doing some work, I thought I'd venture out to Ottawa street, a one minute dash from my house, and enjoy the rain, and somewhat "springish" weather while it lasted.

Ottawa street used to only be known for being the big textile show king. It's loaded with fabric stores, decorating supplies, foam rubber cut in any shape imaginable, you get the idea. (oh, it's also known for being the location of the very first Tim Horton's.)

Over the last few years though, it's really started to pick up in the antique department.
I believe there are now about 8 antique/vintage shops open on just a short stretch of the popular street, as well as an awesome Mexican restaurant,*poco loco* (you can bet your bum that I'll talk more about this rockin' place later) an Italian bistro, and Farmers Market!

I needed to go to the fabric store anyway, out of bias tape.(dangit!) So I hit up every antique store on the way.

I immediately fell in love with this quilt. It's got a lot of feed sack patterns, mixed with some juvenile novelty prints. It's larger than a crib sized quilt, but smaller than a twin. I was thrilled to see that it only needed very little repair. A touch on the back, and a bit in the patchwork.

The price though, I couldn't believe it! $15 bucks! I've never seen a quilt, of this age, in such great shape for such a low price. Of course I had to grab it. I knew if I waited it would be long gone the next time I visited the shop.

I also found these gorgeous little old buttons, in a coralish red, and light concord blue.
Old buttons are like candy! I might use them for some little quilted hair barrettes I'm working on.

Last but not least, an antique darning egg, and a very odd little Lucite belt buckle. I'm going to pass this on to my sister Elise (it came with the buttons) she's the fashionista of the family, and can pull off any era. I envy her!

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