1 Oct 2009


When Zeke was really little, he used to act all pathetic and puny if he couldn't do something right, or just didn't FEEL like doing something right.
I used to jokingly patronize him with a silly little song I made up to get him giggling again.

It was never the same song twice, it was basically a little rhyme about the task at hand.

However, it always started with "Are you feeling tiny and small, and littlest of all?" (he was VERY good at being "tiny".)

Once in a while, he'd even go put on his little striped hospital pjs and walk around and whine, in a slightly disturbing little zombie walk, a slow dragging of feet with his arms hanging helpless in front of him. For he knew that while he was in the hospital (juvenile arthritis) he was never short on sympathy and extra attention.

He was so little that I really didn't bother to tell him to knock it off. (And let's face it, he is naturally a very dramatic child!) Instead, I'd sort of play along and eventually he'd see that he was really being pretty silly;)

These little skits usually ended up with him wrapped up in a big blanket, arms and legs swaddled in a very defenseless fashion, and me pretending he was my "tiny baby" again, while I kissed his cheeks until he'd laugh so hard he'd cry.

Well a couple of days ago he put on the "tiny" act again, only for a few seconds. I started with the "are you feeling tiny and small and littlest of all?" song. He just rolled his eyes and giggled.

It made me want to write down one of the little poems though. (which of course needs an illustration. duh.)

Here's this evening's silly little doodle. I really should be packing (we're moving in two weeks!...more about that later!)
I had to take a little break though and doodle this out while it was on my mind. You know how it is with us doodlers. We can't help ourselves.


  1. I love this "tiny" story! It made my day! My daughter and I still play the game of her being my little baby swaddled in arms. I think sometimes we both need the security of our bond!

  2. I love your tiny song. I am a maker of songs for the children too.. and names.
    Otto cried a lot when he was a baby and this reminded me of the song I made for that. It always made Mae laugh in the midst of him fussing.

  3. Sweet poem and very sweet story of how you nurtured him through his downs... I love that... you didn't get irritated but rather coaxed him through... lovely!
    Blessings and magic.