16 Oct 2009

An Update...

Well someone who isn't the brightest crayon in the box decided to open a THIRD shop. That's right folks, a third shop full of other artists work. Again, she's selling nothing but "originals". (FYI scammers like this one have been known to print out these pieces on inkjet watercolor paper, and play with the inks with a bit of water, to make them APPEAR as though they are hand painted.)

Look carefully at the shop announcement, profile...oh, and that cherry blossom tree right smack in the front of the store. Look familiar? That's because we saw that one yesterday, at her first shop, which is now closed.

So head on down to regs123 for a quick bargain, before she packs up shop, again!


  1. Ok...I used to be an artist for Disney and I can tell you that she is literally in deep crap for selling this stuff. Out of all the people to copyright. Does this person have a brain?

    Thanks for finding this Corra...I wonder if she has any other shops.

  2. Well she closed the second shop again
    "VintageChildhood's Shop Announcement
    I have chosen on my own to permanently close my shop down. Sorry for the inconvenience :)"

    I think she reopened thinking no one would know. I would say she is stupid enough to think this. lol

  3. Looks like this one, was the original shop. Wonder if there are more.

  4. well here is where she is probably getting a lot of her artwork from


    I sent them a link to her shop.

  5. I had a question...Where do you have your artwork posted? Like the cherry blossom tree? Because I was going to report her activity, but I can't find a link to yours to prove it. Is it on your blog somewhere, or do you have a shop I can't find?

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  7. Its funny because how I stumbled upon the shop was through callingoutetsy. It was a post from awhile ago saying that regs123 has opened up shop again. I clicked on the link- same cherry blossom tree, same profile description and similar descriptions on "her work." So she's been doing this for a long time. Now I'm just doing etsy searches for "alice and wonderland" "Winnie the Pooh" "Where the wild things are" etc. and I won't be surprised I find ten more shops of hers... GAH.

    Just a reminder to everyone that I have screenshots of some of the items and if you need them you can convo me on etsy :)

  8. that's horrible! i recently came across what i thought was a great shop on etsy called "watercolors blooming". i distinctly remembered one painting in particular.....a few days later i came across it in the rightful artist's portfolio!!! Just ridiculous! thanks for sharing!

    love + luck + bliss,
    missysue xox

  9. WOW. Some people just don't have that compass of right and wrong, which is just so sad. I'm glad that you're fighting back, Corrabelle, she won't be around long.

  10. I found your blog through Creative Thursday. I'm in Marisha's E-Course. I'm also in Art Dolls Only over at Etsy and Ning. We as a group have come across people setting up shops over at Etsy and they are copying some our Art Doll Artists too. It's amazing and we have had Etsy contact them and they were shut down. Thank you for sharing this. It's sad that we have to worry about these things, but I guess some people just do not have respect for others. I will keep my eyes open...as always. Have a great creative weekend.

  11. She opened her second shop Vintage Childhood again. Looks like my art is off but other art is still up. Crazy..some people just don't learn.


    I don't sell prints. They are original reproductions of E.H Shepards work. My 100% positive feedback proves this point.
    16 October 2009 6:47pm EDT

    by Billyboy123 profile shop
    I was about to order your "original" artwork. Then I found this site


    I think I will just print out my own.

  13. I'd love it if someone ordered a custom Disney 'original' from her and then send the 'original' to Disney!!!!! Thing is, she is like a roach. Kill one shop and another and another will pop up.

  14. "I don't sell prints. They are original reproductions of E.H Shepards work."

    Riight. 'Reproduction' is a fancy way to say copy. So, original copies?

    A hand-painted photocopy/print of someone elses's work is not an original.

  15. Hi, I just came across your blog from Creative Thursday's link. I'm sorry that people have thought it was alright to steal your work. It beggers belief that people think they can get away with such fraud in a world made so small via the internet. Congratulations on your engagement!

  16. I flagged several items, let's see how long Etsy Admin take to do something

  17. she must have drunk a gallon of crazy juice this week

  18. she has permanently closed two shops. one to go. still there with stolen printed or copied and embellished pooh. all pooh, all the time 24/7. i hope she is shut down and faces penalties.

  19. Interesting the shop is still open but looks like Etsy has closed at least one of the shops finally. Slow as molasses