2 Dec 2009

3 PM

Our house, from our back yard, at 3 pm this afternoon.
It's way too dark outside for 3 pm. I don't like it.
And it it's going to get this dark out this early, there may as well be some pretty, soft-lit glistening snow. Where are you snow?

Just sayin'.

(ps. Obviously we didn't like the carpeting around here either, seeing as now it's tied up out back and ready to go to the dump. Take THAT, ugly carpeting!!)


  1. o, my northern friend- I can relate. 3 p.m. and dark.. yup. Cute home by the way!

  2. Oh dear...3pm and dark, I seriously would be depressed because of light deprivation ;)
    Your home looks so cozy with the lights glowing. Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog. By the way, you watercolors are lovely on Etsy.

  3. Yes, it IS dark early now, but it's ALMOST the solstice. After that, the days will start to get longer again. For now, we have to make our own light, which you seem to be doing nicely by the looks of your snug little home.

  4. I actually love it getting dark so early....I feel snug and cozy tucked up in our little house with the wood stove going and a craft in my lap. Bliss!
    P.S. I noticed that you are following my blog! Just so you know, the updated version is at www.littlechandlerfamily.blogspot.com (you are following the one I don't update).
    P.P.S. SOOOOO love your creations!!!!!

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  6. I have just discovered your blog and have added you to my list of blogs to follow, stop by mine and say Hi!
    Hugs, Diane saturdayfinds.blogspot.com

  7. I know what you mean! If it is any consolation, your home looks so inviting. It makes me think of sipping apple cider by a fireplace, while cozying up with the family.