1 Dec 2009


I have a huge stash of vintage maps sitting around (because I'm a paper junkie) and for years I've been meaning to use them for something fun.
I wanted to make an advent calendar for the boys, and originally I was thinking of sewing a bunting with pockets, or something similar.

The problem is, we've just moved, and I honestly don't know where my sewing machine IS. (I have a vague idea, but even if I could dig it out, where is my fabric? And my scissors? and needles...too much to think about!)
Then I remembered my maps, conveniently tucked away here in my still very unorganized studio. (This will soon be tackled...it's driving me absolutely batty!)

Using a pile of boxes as a table for my paper cutter, I managed to quickly slice up some 6x6 inch squares.
I then folded them into this really simple origami pattern:
Rather than folding the tops down, I left them up, (to hide the surprise) and sealed the bottom "wing" looking flaps with a tiny sticker. (Normally these stay shut when the top flaps are folded down, so I had to improvise.) Seeing as I needed something to write the numbers on, this worked out well.
I then attached them to a piece of bakers twine with masking tape, and hung them on our living room door.
Next year I think I'll hang them a touch higher or seal the tops shut, as I now know that they can see everything in them!


  1. Hi! It's so nice to meet you! Your kids are so cute and I love this idea for an advent calendar. Have a great week! Twyla

  2. I love these, something we will have to make!

  3. Darling boys and lucky too!

    I'm glad I found your blog, funny how when one starts up their own blog it's like entering a whole new world. I've always loved your style. I'm gonna have to add you to my ever expanding blog list!

  4. Fantastic idea! You make me want to start collecting old maps to make cards, wrapping paper etc. with. Could be great for wedding invites too?!