25 Feb 2009

Preparation for St.Chickens' Day

So I have a thing for poultry. (well, birds in general, obviously.) I don't have any chickens of my own, other than what's in the freezer (sorry little feathered dudes!) but one day, I shall have chickens. One or two, just something fun for the yard, to eat the slugs off of my tomatoes, and bring me amusement. (and maybe a few eggs!)
My grandma always had chickens, or guineas, wandering about her yard for as far back as I can remember. Sometimes ducks or geese. I remember loving the chickens, and hating the geese.

The geese were mean, and would run after me and peck at my head. I'd attempt to run away from them, but slip into one of their massive puddles of poo that they'd leave about the farm yard.
Nope, never been a fan of the geese.

For the most part though, the chickens were friendly. (other than one very fancy rooster, who finally met his maker after my Aunt Debbie saw him peck one child too many! He was delicious;)

I'm preparing early this year for St. Chickens day. Wait, I have I mentioned St. Chickens day yet?
St. Chickens' Day is June 9th.
It began years ago, when my mother was a child. She and her siblings had been eating what seemed like a lot of chicken for one day. (or week?) Just about every meal involved chicken.
My grade school aged Aunt Debbie expressed her great annoyance with an exaggerated sigh. "What, IS this, ST CHICKEN'S DAY??"
Ever since then, June 9th is a very celebrated holiday in our family. (at least between my mom and her sisters;)

I plan on continuing the tradition though. Heck, I'll welcome any excuse for a party!

This year I'm starting to search a little in advance for some fun chicken decor. I may even make some "happy St. Chickens' Day" cards for my shop! (of course I'll have to explain this in the listings as I'm sure there will be quite a few raised eyebrows...)

I was doing a little bit of looking around on Etsy today though, and found this. I LOVE the retro feel of this print. How much fun would this be in a 40's inspired kitchen? I might just have to snatch it.

From the lovely shop of amandakindregan .

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