26 Feb 2009

Tomorrow's To Do List

I should have polished off many of these tasks today, really. But I ended up volunteering in the classroom today instead of coming home and working. And lucky for us, it was "assembly" day. An awards ceremony for all of the well behaved children. (and torture for the restless...including myself!)
I'm pushing my list on to tomorrow! (I'm going to try to get some of this done tonight though, especially the chicken soup;)

1. Laundry. Oye. I hate Laundry. (especially when there's so darn much OF it! Little miss-matched socks everywhere.)

2. Find a way to make it to Fabricland before closing. I'm out of quilting needles.
(how does one "run out" of quilting needles, you might ask....and I really don't have an answer. I'm sure I've misplaced them, and after I buy more, I'll find them hiding in a drawer.)

3. Convince Reuben to pull out that tooth that keeps dangling by a tiny piece of skin.

4. Make a giant pot of delicious chicken soup. (yay, recession food at it's best!)

6. Go through more receipts. (tax season, yuck!)

7. Carve about 20 stamps. (the majority of them, hedgehogs;)

8. Clean the birds' cages.

9. Put a few kilometres on the exercise bike

10. Piece together a few more blocks for the quilt.

11. Mail Lisa her birthday card. (yikes, i should have done that last week, really. Sorry Lisa!)

12. Help Zeke tune his guitar

13. Watch Zeke perform his latest "Bruce Springsteen" routine.

14. Assist Reuben in his latest chemistry adventures. (at this point, we're mostly in the vinegar and baking soda stages, with a little bit of food coloring and vegetable oil mixed in...to him it's real science though;)

15. Empty the one Tupperware cupboard that's driving me bonkers.

16. Cut some wood blocks on the scroll saw, for stamps that need mounting.

17. Curl up with Mark to a good movie, with a bowl of chicken soup!

Now lets see if I finish HALF of that. With the boys being home from school tomorrow, I doubt that i will. It was worth a shot though.

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