27 Feb 2009

Lunch Box Woes

What on earth has happened to the lunchbox? Ok, I'm all about convenience. I understand that life is rushed these days, and its hard finding things that are nutritious yet appealing to kids...all that. I'm mom, I get it.

I had no idea how bad it was though, until these came out.

That's right folks, Squish'ems. Pureed fruit in a box. Am I missing something? Was fruit that came in it's natural form, whole, and in it's very own natural organic packaging, somehow inconvenient? And since when have kids not been able to chew their own fruit?

The thought of sucking pureed mush out of a box makes me gag. I'd hope that no one would have to do this, unless they're without teeth, somewhere in a nursing home!

But it gets better. Not only is fruit available in hospital diet form, now you can get Yogurt that you suck down in one gulp, right out of a giant straw. Spoons are too much trouble for this rush rush world!

When I first saw these, I thought you were supposed to freeze these. That "kinda" made a bit of sense. "ah, better than a freezie" concept.

But apparently they're meant to be eaten as is. (or "drank" as is, I should say..)

This last one scares the socks off me.

I know, the microwave has been around for a long time now, and all have come to accept it. I'm still really a little weirded out by the concept, and I cant say that all the studies I've read about them have been that reassuring.

When I was little, if my mom was running the microwave, she wouldn't let us stand at the door of it and watch. She said "get away from the microwave". I never understood why, when I was little. After growing up, and reading about it, Mom wasn't too far off, she had valid concerns.

Many countries never even approved the use of microwaves in the first place. I mean, radioactively zapping food just doesn't sound like the safest thing. What does it do to the genetic make up of the food itself? Are any of the nutrients left by the time you've nuked it?

Well regardless of the microwave debate, let's add to it. Let's not only microwave our dinner, but lets do it in plastic.
Vegetables are such an inconvenience these days that we're willing to cook our food in chemical soup to save a few minutes.

There's some irony here. Has anyone heard of the CPSIA ? Makers of children's products everywhere are scrambling to test their products for safety, to meet the new guidelines.

Even manufacturers who make their items out of wood, fibers, and other organic materials have to test their items for phthalates and lead.

The real kicker, is that they're testing items that were never meant to be eaten. We're talking toys, play things.

Yet, as all this is going on, Americans will be still be serving food to our children that was Microwaved in Plastic. Just because they make it, doesn't mean it's safe.

For now, this is the only kind of "packaging" I'll be sending my kids' fruit in to school. (and I'm pretty sure it's lead and Phthalates free;)

$9US, From the fine shop of UnravelMe

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  1. I agree with you on the squished fruit, kinda weird. My kids like those yogurt things though, but only frozen. Then it's like a healthier freezer-pop.