12 Jan 2011

Argh, Be My Matey!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for old calling cards.
 Long before business cards, people would carry a calling card, to let a friend know that they stopped by. To read more about them, see here.
Calling cards are what inspired me to create this size of valentine. I have a few of my great grandfather's old cards that he received as a child from school friends-not just for valentines day but for other occasions as well.

They're beautifully printed and embossed in gold and silver, often professionally printed with the senders name. These cards are simply all together classy!
I was really surprised to hear my grandmother explain that even children had their own cards for special occasions. How glorious!
I started making a few for my boys, and they absolutely loved leaving these special little
messages for people.
While these are much more silly and childish than the ones my great grandfather,
"Master Freddy Mayberry" received, they're sure to be fun for both the sender and the recipient!

Petey Pirate Valentines -Set of 10
Petey Pirate Valentines - in my print shop.
Also, some sweet little birds for the slightly less obnoxious at heart.
Little Love Bird Valentines -Set of 10
Both designs are created from my hand carved stamps. Rather than hand stamping each
card (as I've done in previous years) I've had the images scanned, and turned them over to
a professional printer. The colours are beautifully vivid-and this way I won't suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome from hand stamping each one;)

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