21 Jan 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love

An interesting observation...
I've been on etsy almost 5 years-and have not even once created a treasury, and I've been thinking, it's about time.
So today I created this. Hope it brings you feelings of sweaty palms and a racing heart.
-in that good sort of way, of course-

On another, not so pretty note, this morning I regretfully stumbled upon this sweet bit of nauseousness.

Regretsy is one of those places that I thoroughly enjoy- but I think I would die if one of my little creations should find a home there.

However, this time, it's not an Etsy seller that has fallen victim to a public flogging, it's Anthropologie.
Don't worry. I couldn't believe it either until I saw it listed there with my own tortured eyes.

I usually pay more attention to their "housewares" than anything else, but I was under the assumption that Anthropologie had a *little* more class than plastic dinosaurs that have been hot-glued to a dollar store silk flower arrangement.
but maybe that's just me?

This is a sad sad sad day in Anthropologie love land.


  1. I feel bad that I am laughing but I cannot believe the stuff I am seeing on Regretsy... And since you took me there, I have to tell you that this made me laugh so hard I cried.
    "Business-casual wizard"

  2. OH my word. I had to read that one over the phone to my internet deprived sister-which led to hysterics on both ends of the line.
    My favorite is "gumby's formal wear".ha!

  3. Haha, I am laughing that my original comment included, "oh my word" but I took it out - glad I'm not the only one who talks like a granny ;)
    I tried to re-tell my hysteria over this - it led to more hysteria on my part at least!

  4. HA! yeah, I definitely have the Grandma lingo down. "My Word", That's my version of "swearing".hahaha